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How to display HP-UX system serial number

This is most common thing when calling HP support for opening new case, you would need to know HP-UX system serial number. Here is how you can display HP-UX 11i system serial number from command line if you don’t have it listed somewhere else specially you are working remotely and you don't have physical access to HP-UX servers:

1. Display HP-UX system serial number using cstm if you have cstm installed :

echo "sc product system;info;wait;il" | cstm | grep -i "system serial" 
System Serial Number...: USJ4358979

2.If there is no cstm istalled, try running print_manifest to display HPUX system serial number:
/opt/ignite/bin/print_manifest | grep -i  "serial number"

Running print_manifest displays HP-UX system serial number along with other system properties

3.on HP-UX (integrity) severs you can run machinfo to display serial number,this command available only on Itanium based HP-UX
machinfo |grep serial

enable history command navigation

touch $HOME/.sh_history

and export these variables in /etc/profile:
export HISTFILE=$HOME/.sh_history
export HISTSIZE=20000
export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi

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LVM Version 2.x


MC ServiceGuard Cluster

MC ServiceGuard Cluster

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